Lennox on Hawking

One of the clips I show the Confirmation group every year is the argument scenes from God is not Dead.

The clip I use is longer than this; a compendium of all the argument scenes, but this gets the message across. The Atheist Professor in the scene quotes Stephen Hawking to debunk the theists position. In the argument scene after this one, the theist appeals to Oxford Mathematician Professor John Lennox to debunk Hawking. Following the passing of Stephen Hawking, Lennox spoke with Ben Halbrooks of the Fixed Point Foundation over Skype. Lennox notes an interesting irony in Stephen Hawking’s Atheism, which Hawking argued for at length in his book The Grand Design. The key argument Hawking used in The Grand Design, repeated by the Atheist in God is not Dead is this:
"Because there is a law of gravity, the universe can and will create itself out of nothing." This, of course is classic circular reasoning and the Theist in God is not Dead quotes Lennox to debunk it. Here's Le…

Making Disciples in Leigh-on-Sea

A while back we had a really good Parish Mission at Our Lady of Lourdes & St. Joseph. The wonderful Norbertines from Chelmsford came and led a really powerful retreat which drew incredibly positive feedback from across the Parish family.

Out of the grace that flowed from that week, Fr. Kevin was determined to capitalise, and asked me to present to the Parish Council on the possibility of running the Apprenticeship in Discipleship programme based on Sherry Weddell's Forming Intentional Disciples put together by the Diocese of Plymouth Evangelisation Team. I met the team when they came to London in October last year and ran a training day on disciple making disciples. The Plymouth team have developed a comprehensive and continuing programme to develop, mobilise support and sustain parish evangelisation teams. Through this programme, they have found that many individuals experience a deepening personal relationship with Jesus. This naturally leads to a hunger to know more about …

Catholics head for spiritual catastrophe

In Catholic World Report today, Dr. E. Christian Brugger writes a most excellent appeal to the bishops of the world. His article is both concise and precise, succinctly identifying the huge problem we face in the Church right now as well as a potential course of action to resolve the issue.

Brugger is a Senior Fellow of Ethics and Director of the Fellows Program at the Culture of Life Foundation in Washington, D.C. who holds Master degrees in moral theology and moral philosophy from Seton Hall, Harvard and Oxford Universities and received his D.Phil. (Ph.D.) in Christian ethics from Oxford in 2000.

He identifies Cardinal Parolin's "Paradigm shift" drawn from Amoris Laetitia, as the old adversary of moral theology from the sixties and seventies: proportionalism.  Proportionalism proposes that on the basis of complex circumstances, the activity of conscience and the notion that the moral law is merely an ideal, some Catholics are not required to submit obediently to the o…

Benedict XVI Letter Fake News/Selectively Quoted & Spun by Vatican!

So yesterday's weird story about Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI writing to the prefect for secretariat for communications, Mons. Dario Edoardo Viganò stating his pontificate and that of Pope Francis have an "interior continuity," albeit with "differences in style and temperament" has rapidly fallen into complete disarray, as is unfortunately becoming so common with this pontificate.

Key to developments is the fact that Vatican News only publish a couple of lines of the full letter. This has turned out to be very selective quoting as everyone has rapidly discovered as soon as the full text of the letter has been released.

In short, it seems to me that what has gone on is quite clear. On 12th January, mons. Viganò sends Benedict XVI a series of booklets written by various theologians who have attempted to offer an appologia for Pope Francis "paradigm shift" of accompaniment and discernment. It would appear that in the accompanying letter, Viganò has articu…

Strange Signs Five Years In

Today we pray for Pope Francis as he celebrates the fifth year of his papacy. We pray that he may faithfully guide Christ's Church.

On the eve of this anniversary, there was an extraordinary event staged which could not be seen as anything other than an attempt by this papacy to regain its' legitimacy and using the Pope Emeritus as a tool with which to do it.

Vatican Newsreported that:
Pope Benedict wanted to give a contribution, very significant as always, to the interior spiritual unity of the two pontificates. ...and thus he penned a letter, on the 5th anniversary of this disastrous papacy stating his pontificate and that of Pope Francis have an "interior continuity," albeit with "differences in style and temperament".

I have to wonder how many people believe that this could possibly be true? Does it make any sense that Pope Benedict XVI freely and proactively made such a declaration? You have to wonder if Pope Francis's goons weren't holding an…

Cardinal Nichols Well Hidden Whispers on Transgenderism

The Daily Mailreports that, in a speech to London school leaders last month, Cardinal Vincent Nichols told an audience of head teachers that pupils may question their identity, but schools could not ignore the sex they were born into.

According to the Mail he said children were not simply individuals who could do as they liked, but were part of a wider community that had ‘firm points of reference’.

In his speech Cardinal Nichols – Chair of the Bishop's conference for England and Wales – appealed to a ‘common sense of humanity’ to counter a growing individualism in relationships, family life and sexuality.

He said:
 ‘At a time of great confusion about the rules of sexual behaviour, about exploitation and abuse in every part of society, some firm points of reference already built into our humanity at its best are of vital importance.

'In an age of fluidity, even in gender identity, and at a time when the response to “difference” is to become closed in a self-selecting world o…

Walter Kasper - If The Shoe Fits...

Speaking in an interview with Alessandro Gisotti at Vatican News, 85-year-old Heretic Cardinal, Walter Kasper addressed controversy about Amoris Laetitia, the pope’s 2016 Apostolic Exhortation which some (e.g. America Magazine) say includes a provision that allows some divorced and remarried Catholics to receive Communion.

“First of all I would like to say that debate in the church is necessary. There is no need to fear debate!” the cardinal said.

But he said the debate on Amoris Laetitia has become too heated—even though the “people of God” have accepted the teaching. The rest of us have been cast into the darkness then it appears. Cardinal Kasper went on:
"There is a very bitter debate, way too strong, with accusations of heresy." One has to wonder who's fault that is?
Since at least the 1970s, principally in the German-speaking world, there has been a sustained effort to modify the Church’s pastoral practice to allow such couples to receive absolution and Communion w…